Where Quality Meets Creativity for Lunch.

Graphic Design, Logo Design and overall creative processes aren't just found overnight. They are years of color theory, proven creative decisions and hundreds upon hundreds of man hours to craft those experiences that envelope our very lives. You know, those types of marketing tunes or jingles that you can't get out of your head even if you tried.

What makes the Mik Tek Brand the Mark that it is today.

Whether its a logo, business card, postcard design or even combination of media content, Mik Tek Studios delivers sharp content with one goal in mind: Bringing that Idea from Realization, to Conception in a creative manner that will have that lasting impact on your clientele base.


Graphic Design and the overall art aesthetic is more than just trends, color pallet templating and Photoshop filters. Its about digesting the aspects of what is perceived as "visual information", taking that data and making it artistically work for what the eye wants. In turn, we make that work for You. Winner winner chicken dinner.


In the search for the balance of cost over design execution options, one aspect of any relationship fundamentally is Value. The saying of "You get what you pay for" is quite valid, especially in the design world. We Value our relationships with our customers, strive for excellence in our communication as well as out dedication before during and after the completion of a project. 5 Years Later, call us up, and we will still have your business card file and can have it printed for no additional markup.


Sometimes, its all about perspective to our potential customers. Identifying our target markets and customer base, knowing how we sound, and also how we look. We are about identifying those fears and desires, making you even better prepared to focus on what you do best, just like us.


Strong, creative marketing direction. Bold colors. Clear expectations, fonts that are easy on the eyes. Direct Mailers, interested callers, great networking opportunities. More time fine tuning your business, and spend less time doing it. Yes Please.

Distilling Down The Design Process.

1 In the initial stage, all aspects of the potential project is discussed. Time frame, expectations, budget and just overall expected atmosphere of the project is reviewed within the design agreement in this phase. Quote is reviewed, deposit is set in place for the project; and we are LIVE.

2 Once the brainstorming is finalized and the project is greenlit, the fun begins! Work is done on the requested item, dialog via phone, email, chat or actual meeting. Changes and Edits are noted, reviewed and approved with the digital watermarked proofs to make sure it is exactly as you have envisioned.

3 In the final stretch of the graphic design sprint, all final edits and adjustments are made. Once the final draft is approved, the remaining tab on the project is paid in full and then digital files or design product is sent or delivered!

Terms of Design
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