Video Media Content Highlights

Some awesome highlights of previously designed video content from past projects, podcasts, episodes and the like.

Video Short. Swift Kick: The Search For Kunai Begins.

During his travels searching for the ninja Kunai, Swift Kick is ambushed during meditation from a tainted follower. As the tables turn, Kunai now hunts Swift Kick for revenge.

ABComics United Teaser Trailer - Crew Reaction Promo

Trailer based on Short Film and crew reaction, Designed by Mik Tek Studios, Michael MidKnight. Design and Presentation Copyright Mik Tek Studios.

Mik Tek Studios Podcast Promo Q1 2021 - Season 3

Upcoming Episodes: Sleep Like A Boss! Healthy Sleep Success for Insomniacs, Motion Graphics and Creative Business Direction, Successful Business Marketing Strategy, The Certainty of Uncertain Times: Preparing For Risk

The Call From The Recruiter Video Short.

After responding to a job offer from Alan's Recruitment Office, Michael soon realizes nothing with this interview is what it seems. Based on actual events; for entertainment purposes only.

[MTSP] Ep 26: Intro To Starting Your Successful Podcast

Stepping into the #podcasting world can be daunting. Where do I start? Where do I find #guests? What is used to edit a show? Learn how to start, manage, and grow your podcast production while keeping your #audience engaged.

[MTSP] Ep 23: Saving Your Assets: Agreements, Contracts & Statements of Work.

Insightful and thought provoking details, answers and measures of #business for your current or next project on the horizon.

Mac Pro Unboxing 2019

Today, we unbox the new addition to the #miktekstudios family, #apple 's 2013 12 core, 64GB RAM, 1TB PCIe SSD #macpro .

[PODCAST] Ep 19: Brawling With Brainard: The Hackintosh Story [Parental Advisory]

The #experience with this #hackintosh and narrative may not reflect every single interaction with named person / place of businesses.. yet this episode / experience happened.

Forever Hire Video Ad Feature Promo Video ( With Audio)

Video Ad Sample Reel for Forever Hire.

Audio Demo Reel Mik Tek Studios

A compiled selection of sample voice audio work.

[PODCAST] Ep 18: The Power of Marketing With Guest Tosha Johnson

With building a brand with quality and dedicated content, project support and client base, it can a challenge of supporting a client and meeting and even exceeding their expectations - Tosha Johnson from stops by to talk.

All About That Network - Ft Kaylee Houde

Networking: it is a powerful aspect for any business individual, organization or startup. Some rise to the challenge and grow their spheres of influence, others just aren’t sure how.

Greeting Card Highlight: Holiday Card Series

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Mik Tek Podcast #5: Questionable Policy

This short-form Podcast talks about 2 questionable policy experience & touches on the value of experiences outright.
Old lady nagging included.

Design Highlight: Kalos Sample Product Review Field Video (With Audio)

Sample Tool Product Review for Kalos Services Inc / HVAC School.

Kalos System Feature Promo Storage Video

Sample Tradeshow Video for Kalos Services Inc / HVAC School.

Treasure Box Kids Powerpoint Pitch Presentation

Commercial Powerpoint Pitch Designed by Mik Tek Studios for Treasure Box Kids, Orlando FL. Design Copyright Mik Tek Studios. All Rights Reserved

Xynergy Client Commercial Video Ad

Design Copyright Mik Tek Studios. All Rights Reserved

The Trigun TCG Booster Pack Prototype

This game prototype is protected by Creative Copyright by Mik Tek Studios. Trigun, name, property, artwork and series concept all copyright of Yosuhiro Nightow, Use of Trigun in USA Licensed by Funimation Entertainment Inc. Card Artwork Copyright by Madhouse.

SOS Penguin! Trailer for iPhone / iOS

Developed By Stefan Mensen
Audio and Vocal Work by Mik Tek Studios