Important Information for Payments, Terms &
Previous / Potential Client Work Services

Detail Glossary

• Client Deposit Outline
• Copyrights and Design Licenses
• Quote Timeframes (30 days)
• Use of Work in Portfolio Policy
• Brand Loyalty Disclosure
• Design Agreement Overview
• Definition of Quote / Statement of Work
• The Right To Refuse Service
• Voice Over Projects: Permission and Use Addendums
• Envelopes / Products / Custom Keepsakes & Services

Client Deposit Outline

  • A deposit is required before any design concept or project production is to occur. Accepted payment methods include Cash, Debit or Credit Cards, Stripe and PayPal. Checks are also accepted, but must clear as available funds before beginning or continuing a Project.
  • Debit cards, Stripe, Credit Card and PayPal payment methods may be subject to a 4.5% transaction fee.
  • Any requests quoted at $5000+ USD will have deposit requirements based on the discretion of Mik Tek Studios.
  • Additional payments may be required throughout specific times in the project’s pipeline to continue design production based on the project requirements. In addition, we reserve the right to refuse a check as final payment.

  • Projects >$300 USD:

    Require 1/2 of project estimate cost.

  • Projects $300 - $500 USD:

    Require a $200 USD deposit.

  • Projects $500 - $1000 USD:

    Require a 30% project cost deposit.

  • Projects $1000 - $3500 USD:

    Require a 25% project cost deposit.

  • Projects $3500 - $5000+ USD:

    Require a 20% project cost deposit.

Please Note

Project Deposits, Content Sponsorship and / or any type of business collaboration investment payment(s) are non-refundable. Any initial payment from required to full amount, is considered a deposit. We cannot begin any project or anticipate timelines without a clear statement of work, proposal or quote clearly defined, in writing, and accepted and signed off on by both parties respectfully. All creative concepts, direction, created works, and all other presented forms of intellectual property remains the property of Michael MidKnight / Mik Tek Studios until final payment has been received and creator executes an agreement to assign ownership of created works.

Copyrights, Legal Terms and Design Licenses

Unless otherwise specified, all design work, concepts, mockups, proofs, client resource alterations (i.e. logo modifications) of any project is considered the creative property of Mik Tek Studios and all affiliated creative works. Design rights can be purchased at the preference of the client for an additional cost. Compliance with legal frameworks is the full responsibility of the client – any and all bodies of work, services and consulting are created / produced / issued on an as-is basis. Mik Tek Studios assumes no liability for 100% in all areas of the law in regards to the client’s local law, policy or governing bodies that said created works is to be held accountable by.

Quote Timeframes

Unless otherwise specified, Any quote issued for a design project is valid for 30 days from day quote is issued. Projects are started upon receipt of deposit (90 days). A project life cycle is generally considered 90 days from day of deposit, unless specifically outlined otherwise within the Proposed Project details within the Statement of Work / Project Proposal. Quotes that are issued are not reflective of any final or promised total – any adjustments or changes introduced into the project pipeline by the client can be subject to billable per hr adjustments.

Use of Design Work in Portfolio & Marketing Policy

Any and all work design by Mik Tek Studios will be actively displayed for any and all marketing advertisement purposes, unless requested otherwise by the design client and approved by Mik Tek Studios.

Brand Loyalty Disclosure

Although warm work referrals are always welcomed along with reviews of great efforts of service, social media and general public feedback is reserved to be reviewed and signed off by Mik Tek Studios in writing prior to publishing, broadcasting, printing, etc on any digital or printed medium. Slander, misrepresentation, or grossly exaggerated narratives are prohibited and can be subject to legal action. We welcome all dialog and strive for successful outcomes, results and partnerships, and want to take every effort to make sure all items, products and services are delivered with exactly the same warmth and quality that we carefully and thoughtfully put them together with. We welcome any and all dialog, however conveyed digitally or manually, to bring about a positive result for all parties involved.

Design Overview Agreement

This document (DOA) is the project design detail outlined between Mik Tek Studios and said client. All timeframes resources and project details are reviewed in this agreement. Depending on project complexity or production pipeline, the design project agreement may just be detailed via submission of email to client reviewing requested project requirements.

Definition of Quote / Statement of Work

A design project quote is based upon the client’s initial brainstorming conversation, noting and discussing any important factors for the potential project’s timeframe requirements, not limited to but including shipping deadlines if applicable, license ownership, project proof availabilities, etc, a standard project design cycle is generally considered to be 90 days, with a reasonable amount of revisions during the lifetime of the project granted to the client. Revision timeframes may vary depending on internal studio workflow. Additional project add ons, extended reviewed processes, considerable alterations or deviations from the original quote is subject to additional charges or price structure by Mik Tek Studios.

Project Requirements

Additional project requirements may affect design deposit amount. Note: Should the client decide to not proceed forward with the design project for any reason or decides to not use the mockups designed by Mik Tek Studios during the time of the project cycle, any deposit or payments made towards the project will be kept by Mik Tek Studios as compensation for loss of design time taken by the abandoned project. If any client remains unreachable or unavailable via email, telephone, or written request for more than 60 continuous days (including weekends), the project, request or proposal will be classified as abandoned. 

This includes any aspect of the project being halted by delays in revision feedback, unreasonable delays of communication greater than a week, failure to provide adequate resource, access, login credentials and / or any other means of resource to begin project within the agreed upon timeframe designation. This is in fairness for available time and resources for all bodies of work and to meet all quality requirements that we put in place for all of our clients and their projects.

Any deposit or payments made towards the project will be kept by Mik Tek Studios as compensation for loss of design time taken by the abandoned project. We cannot begin any project or anticipate timelines without a clear statement of work, proposal or quote clearly defined, in writing, and accepted and signed off on by both parties respectfully.

The Right To Refuse Service

As it stands, Mik Tek Studios, and any or all of its representatives can reserve the right to refuse service to any potential project or current customer. Projects that depict any acts of obscene violence, hatred towards any type of animal, ethnic group or any group of interest, will immediately be refused. Any and all lewd / pornographic / sex worker calling cards, flyer requests or printwork will be immediately refused, with no exceptions. Mik Tek Studios does not endorse nor do business with any projects or clients involved with editing legal documentation, local, state or federal of any kind; any and all requests will be documented and submitted to the appropriate parties for review. Any anti-patriotic project requests or images referencing racial slurs, flag burning, images of violence against immediate persons of interest will be refused outright.

Should any direct employee or representative of Mik Tek Studios at any time during the course of the project be bullied, threatened, blackmailed or have payments delayed or withheld with intent to harm physically, harm professional reputation of said company or individuals via any medium while conducting business, Mik Tek Studios reserves the right to end any and all business relationships with said offender or business entity, putting any and all work with said client on an indefinite hold, releasing any and all funds or deposits towards said project to Mik Tek Studios with or without notification of a completed project, status of project or request.

Voice Over Projects: Permission and Use Addendums

Final project files includes all rights to use final vocal files as needed by client in a fair and professional way. Any works created with these files that are used to create works of violence against demographics or groups based on race, gender, creed, belief, adult industry works or any other deceptive, morally grey works will null and void this agreement and will be subject to applicable legal action. Permissions include unrestricted Commercial and Full Broadcasting Rights of Voice Over file use where applicable unless noted otherwise.

Envelopes / Products / Custom Keepsakes & Services

Any Items that are not shipped without use of a tracking number or sent via “free shipping” thru any shipping method will be at the sole discretion of the receiver, and are not responsible for items, packages, orders, items or deliveries that are lost, damaged, destroyed, stolen, or severely delayed for any reason. Once an item or product is passed off to a shipping partner or service, we have no control over its delivery outside of reasonable means and accommodations. We recommend all keepsake items and custom products be insured and include a tracking number, with “Free Shipping” being generally considered a safe and effective method of delivery based on the discretion of the shipper.

Inventory and Accuracy

We strive for color accuracy and representation in each and every display, swatch-book and online medium, please note that newer displays and mobile devices may may alter the perception of colors used with cards or envelope products specifically. Colors, stock and how colors in-stock appear or are available may change slightly based on advertised color but are identified as close to the original intended color of stock as possible.

Final Keepsake Sales.

With any Custom Keepsake, Card or envelope orders being limited run, handcrafted or made to order items, we are unable to accept returns or refunds on these items once an order is submitted and/or paid for.