Say It Like You Mean It.


Handcrafted Mik Tek Greeting Cards, By Michael MidKnight - now available.
Perfect for any holiday, event, birthday or celebration

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The perfect gift, for the perfect occasion, every time.

Made to order, we are proud to announce that you will soon after the launch of our new website, be able to order beautifully and painstakingly crafted Cards and Envelopes directly from our new site after the initial launch is completed. Varied selections of color, occasions and holiday, selecting from no less than 25 color options of A2 and A7 envelope color means never having to worry about finding the perfect color ever again.


With a beautifully authentic in-house custom envelope design by Michael MidKnight, Completely customizable, flap, wings and back, every color of the rainbow from Sunray to Carbon; a wide palette for every taste you can imagine. Simply an experience that you cannot get anywhere else.

Email us with your requests and needs directly, and we will take it from there.