[PODCAST] Ep 26: Intro To Starting Your Successful Podcast

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Stepping into the #podcasting world can be daunting.

Where do I start? What microphone do I use? How do I record? Where do I find #guests? What is used to edit a show?

Learn how to start, manage and grow your production with insight on how to start your podcast, keep it going and keep your #audience engaged.

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0:52 – intro to podcasting

1:56 – how I started out podcasting

2:09 – Ben’s All Things Risk Podcast mention https://youtu.be/FsuUUH_b_vA

2:24 – example of great audio storytelling

7:24 – just, start

8:03 – question – what microphone do I use?

9:11 – secret USB confession

9:47 – question – where do I record my podcast?

11:00 – where to find recording space and ideas detailed

12:20 – question – co-host and what do I do to get guests on my show?

12:36 – using zoom.us https://zoom.us/

14:06 – other podcast recording options

14:36 – wired internet connections vs. wireless during interviews

14:53 – question – topics for my show? What do I talk about?

16:27 – question – how do I edit my podcasts? What do I use?

16:46 – podcast editors club shout out and mention

18:05 – I personally use to edit….

19:07 – question – where do you host your podcast?

19:14 – I took advantage of using SoundCloud and why

20:01 – how Recruitamentary started

20:36 – details on other content hosts, anchor.fm, buzzsprout (not podsprout) etc

20:50 – appsumo mention

21:12 – podcast.co mention

21:40 – rss redirects

22:16 – question – should I have a website for my podcast content?

23:30 – sample example on SEO, domain or content authority detailed

24:08 – making money, sponsorships and how to get paid

25:29 – when to say no to ads and sponsorship that do not align with your morals or branding

26:09 – question – I like to talk so then I’ll be perfect for podcasting right?

27:18 – focus on your show and your topic

29:53 – outro

Mentions during the show: Ben’s All Things Risk Podcast: www.allthingsrisk.co.uk

Staples (Correction, not Office Depot) Entering into the Podcast Studio space: https://www.engadget.com/2020/02/19/staples-podcast-recording-studios/

Zoom.us: https://zoom.us/

Mentioned Editing Software:

Adobe Audition Reaper Pro Tools Audacity Hindenburg Journalist Pro Logic Pro X Ableton Camtasia Final Cut Pro X

Podcast Editors Club Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/podcasteditors/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/

Anchor.FM: https://anchor.fm/

Buzzsprout: https://www.buzzsprout.com/

AppSumo: https://appsumo.com/

Podcast.co: https://www.podcast.co/