Recently Featured in the Anxiety About Anxiety Podcast: Pleasant Dreams Alannah: Empowering the Light of Hope During the Darkness.

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Michael MidKnight shares his thoughts on the current state of things going on in the world due to the recent health concerns. It’s something we all need to hear to give us some hope. We will bounce back stronger than ever. God bless everyone. Please email the show at if you have a story that you would like to share.

“I planned on releasing the Episode last night; but I noticed I didn’t ask you to name the title of your Episode. I normally ask all participants this one question:

If your Anxiety was a book, What would the title be? And this is what I use for the Episode title. So if you get this today…could you please send your title to me? As soon I as I get the Episode will go live. Thanks once again.”
Hello, yes I don’t remember being asked that question. You can name it, based on whats going on with the episode and the topic, would be 
Alannah is my god-daughter. I was there when she was born, and she will be turning 5 next month. She’s afraid of the dark. It takes a lot to make sure she’s ok and doesn’t wake up crying or screaming in her sleep when I see her. It would be to all of her siblings that I would mean it towards, but it would mean the most to give her hope that she could sleep thru the night… with the night here being instead the dark time that we are facing right now, or any time that she would face in her life going forward. 
Hope this helps, and makes sense. Thank you!